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  • Keremara AA Receives 95 Points!

    We received a 95 point score for our Keremara AA in April of 2015 from Coffee Review! Blind Assessment: Softly pungent, lushly...

  • Tchembe Receives 94 Points!

    We received a 94 point score for our Ethiopian Tchembe in April of 2015 from Coffee Review! Blind Assessment: Juicy, velvety,...

  • Free St. Patrick’s Day Tasting!

    Aren’t you LUCKY to join us for our first ever coffee and Irish soda bread tasting featuring Tart Baking...




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Our passion is to discover the finest and most exciting coffees from around the world each season, roast them to perfection and deliver them fresh to our customers. We believe a truly great coffee should be roasted to highlight its inherent quality without imparting overwhelming roast. This is why you will notice such a difference in Barrington Coffee.