Solera Espresso

Solera Espresso
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Elements- El Salvador Santa Rita (2010) & Brazil Bahia Conqiusta (2012)
Varietals- Bourbon & Catuai
Process- Natural & PulpedNatural
Roast- Medium

Floral and sweet with juicy flavors of fruit, caramel and sunlight. An irresistibly clean profile.

This New School American espresso is simple and beautiful when prepared as an up-dosed short shot. It is also forgiving enough to relinquish a full long extraction. Either way, the effect is a mouthwatering sweetness that splashes across the palate and wraps up succinctly. The variability being that of intensity, with the short shot being the more intense of the two.

The term solera refers to a process of fractional blending of progressive vintages of fermented beverages, distillates and condiments. Historically, this process has been employed in the production of sherry, port, balsamic vinegar, brandy and rum. The tradition is about creating a continuity of character that holds throughout the ages. We borrow the term solera to embellish our method of combining different coffee vintages to create a distinct espresso profile shaped by time.

The vintage component in this blend is the El Salvador Santa Rita from 2010. Although this coffee had a wonderful profile upon its initial release, we intentionally laid this coffee down in a controlled environment to further soften its character for espresso preparation. This natural process coffee is responsible for the floral, fruity qualities in the Solera. The new crop pulped natural process Brazil Bahia Conqiusta 2012 contributes the clean, caramel and chocolaty qualities. This coffee is part of the BCRC Landed Aging Program©.

One note, if you appreciate a medium roast coffee that is very low in acidity, you may also enjoy this coffee prepared through the drip or press process.

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