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Coffee Origin Gallery

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Puerto Rico 2012

For the past several years we have been working on a coffee and citrus tree polyculture farm revitalization project with a couple of organic farming friends of ours in Maricao, Puerto Rico. Here are some images from the farm. We look forward to getting this coffee back into our roasters for the holidays in 2013!

  • Beneficio San Pedro La Laguna.3

Guatemala 2012

In 2012 our family explored the coffee, life and culture in and around Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. Pictured is the coffee beneficio at San Pedro La Laguna with green coffee being prepared in three different ways simultaneously; washed, pulped natural and natural process. In the streets of Santiago it is not uncommon to see green coffee being dried out in the open. Coffee achievers Lee Beal and Hans Schaefer are pictured at Hans’ coffee mill and roastery know as Posada Jabilito. Look them up before your next visit to Atitlán. (Photos courtesy of Jer and Shar Anderson.)

  • Rich, ripe coffee cherry fresh from the picking. Photo courtesy of Daterra Farms.

Daterra Farms 2011

The folks at Daterra Farms are steadfast practitioners of an appellation approach to growing coffee. Their attention has been directed toward the interrelationship of varietal and territory. Moreover, they have been stalwart pioneers of employing various methodologies for green coffee processing to attain an array of tasteful results. The farms are located in the sub-tropical region of Cerrado in the state of Minas Gerais and the Franca region in the state of Sao Paulo with farm elevations ranging from 3,250 to 3,900 feet above sea level. All coffees from Daterra are Rainforest Alliance certified. Ave a peek inside the world of Daterra Farms…

  • Picking ripe yellow cherry of the Yellow Catuai variety, 2010 harvest. Photo courtesy of Fernando Sinay.

Brazil Cafe Conquista Harvest 2010

We have worked with the Sinay-Neves Family for many years and have been fortunate to offer their beautiful coffee in our Barrington Gold Espresso as well as a Limited Offering Single Origin Espresso. These pictures are of the Spring 2010 harvest at their Conquista Farm, located at 2,700 feet in altitude in Bahia. The Sinay-Neves family is continually making improvements to the farm infrastructure and contributions to the the community members that help to support the cultivation and processing of their coffee. Their Socially Conscious Coffee Project is one enormous such contribution. Through this program, the Centro Rural Educaf © was erected on the Farm in 2004. At the Centro Rural, educational and social programs are made available to the farm workers and their families.

  • Christina and MauiGrown farm owner Kimo Falconer overlooking the orchard. Photo courtesy of Zachary Ethier.

MauiGrown Coffee Gallery 2010

This January, Barrington Coffee General Manager Christina Stanton visited the Hawaiian island of Maui and got to spend some quality time with the good people of Maui Grown Coffee. Maui Grown is a farm revitalization project driven by Kimo Falconer on what was formerly the Kaanapali Coffee Estate. We’d like to thank Kimo and crew for the spectacular Yellow Caturra varietal we have as a Limited Offering this February.

  • Road sign for the San Raphael Cooperative indicating the member groups and two of their core tenets, organic growing and biodiversity preservation. Photo by Barth Anderson.

Dominican Republic Origin Visit, March 2010

This March, Barth had the opportunity to visit the San Raphael farming cooperative in the mountains of the southern Dominican Republic. We first worked with coffee from San Raphael Cooperative back in the 1994 harvest year. We have wanted to visit there for a very long time and we finally made it!

  • Lefay and Franklin bagging the 2008 crop as storm clouds approach the drying patio.

Haiti 2008

In 2005 we began our coffee project in the Haitian Highlands. Through the vision and direction of our colleague Ben Dobson, we were able to prepare and import three harvests. These pictures are from Ferrace. This is the central area where the crew brought coffee from the highlands for processing and drying.

Images from the Haitian Highlands (Photos courtesy of Ben Dobson)

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