Tasting Pairs

Our tasting pairs represent selections that we feel accentuate a breadth of aromas and flavors that compliment and contrast with one another in a particularly poignant fashion.

Our mission is to source and roast the finest coffees on the planet and deliver them to you – FRESH. To make that happen, we fire up our roasters Monday through Thursday of each week. Any order received before 9am will be roasted and shipped within 24 hours.

  • Dark Tasting Pair

    $26.00 - (2) 12 oz. bags
    Two twelve ounce bags of our carefully crafted dark roast coffees,  Gato Negro from Mexico and Commonwealth from the Americas.

    Gato Negro Rich and smooth with a dark chocolate finish.

    This is the go to coffee for dark roast lovers. It is super smooth and chocolaty. It is versatile enough for all brewing methods and it is great straight or with milk.

    This coffee is grown in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Southern Mexico in the Chiapas region. It is grown by a cooperative group of farmers who work together as the Unión de Ejidos Profesor Otilio Montaño, or UDEPOM, for short. Ninety-nine percent of the Union members are native Mayan, indigenous from Mache, Tzotzi, Tojolaba, Jaleco and Tzeltal origins. The coffee is grown at between 4,800 and 5,400 feet in altitude and is comprised of family farms between one and ten acres. Each worker in the Union is paid on a work-share basis, rather than by farm yield.

    Commonwealth Sweet, powerful, roasted nut, spiced hot chocolate. A supremely versatile dark roast that is great in every brewing method including espresso preparation.
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  • Espresso Tasting Pair

    $27.00 - (2) 12 oz. bags
    Enjoy these two great espresso offerings side by side! This tasting pair includes one 12 oz bag of Gold, and one 12 oz bag of 413.
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  • Selection 9 Tasting Pair

    $29.00 - (2) 12 oz. bags
    The SL-9 cultivar descends from an Ethiopian arabica variety called Tafarikela. SL-9 is a Coffea arabica variety that is not commonly cultivated outside of India. SL-9 is known for its remarkable cup qualities and has won the highest awards among Indian coffees to date.This tasting pair features our two new selection 9 micro-lot offerings, Kalle 9 and Devon 9.
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  • Ethiopia Tasting Pair

    $35.00 - (2) 12 oz. bags
    Two twelve ounce bags of exceptional Ethiopian coffee.  One Biftu Gudina and one Geshe Botto. Both of these coffees were grown in Limu, Ethiopia but employ distinctively different processing methods which make for an excellent and interesting tasting pair.
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  • India Tasting Pair

    $30.00 - (2) 12 oz. bags

    We LOVE Indian coffees. If you are a fan of super smooth, low acidity coffees that spotlight chocolate and nut flavors, Indian coffees set the bar.

    Our India Tasting Pair includes one 12oz. bag of Kalledevarapura  and one 12oz. bag of Monsooned Malabar .

    We have worked directly the Shankar Family who produces the Kalledevarapura and Aspinwall who produces the Monsooned Malabar since the mid 1990's. The relationships we have established with both of these producers are among the very first direct trade relationships within the specialty coffee trade.

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