Black Honey

$21.45 | 12 oz. bag

Origin- Costa Rica
Region- Tarrazú
Locality- Dota
Producer- Hidalgo Family
Farm- Bounty Farms
Altitude- 5414 – 5906’
Variety- Red & Yellow Catuai
Process- Black Honey
Roast- Light

Powerful caramel sweetness with juicy flavors of tangerine, dewberry, plum, pineapple, mango and rich bodied flavors of hazelnut and blondie. Drying on finish with green apple, distinct minerality and leather. 

Bounty Farms was founded by the Hidalgo Family over sixty years ago. Now in their fourth generation, Juan Miguel Hidalgo oversees agronomy, harvest and processing at their three farms: Finca La Joya, La Chica and La Piedra. Their Red and Yellow Catuai are cultivated just below 6000’ at both Fincas La Chica and La Piedra.

This coffee is unique because it undergoes a lengthy and rarely applied preparation process referred to as the black honey process. After picking and careful sorting, the coffee seeds are stripped from the coffee cherry without any further washing or wet fermentation. At this stage, the seeds remain covered in fruit pulp. they are then layered on raised beds and covered so that they are not exposed to direct sunlight. This slows down the drying process even further. Great care must be taken to ensure even drying over the following weeks and the seeds must be perpetually raked and relayed to inhibit fermentation. The effect renders complex and concentrated fruit flavors while still retaining balanced acidity and a characteristic dry finish. 

After repose, we seal this coffee in Grain-Pro barrier packaging and then send on its way to our Roastery where we preserve the green coffee under hermetic seal until it is roasted as part of our Barrington Green Seal Program© .