Finca El Apiario Coffee Blossom Honey by Jorge Mendez – 12oz. jar


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Coffee Blossom Honey | Jorge Mendez | El Apiario
San Pedro Necta, Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Jorge Mendez is the original single-origin producer of Coffee Blossom Honey from the legendary farm Finca El Apiario (“Honeybee Farm”). El Apiario honey exhibits a well-balanced body with brown sugar and vanilla aromas. Flavors of peach, chamomile, caramel, and orange are finished with delicate lavender notes.

Experience all four distinct micro-lots of Coffee Blossom Honey from acclaimed Guatemalan coffee producers in our Producer Series Collection!

Crystalization: Three things make honey more likely to crystallize:

Temperature below 50ºF (10ºC) | The ratio of glucose and fructose in the honey | Pollen content

To turn your Coffee Blossom Honey back into a smooth liquid put your honey in a vessel of warm water and allow it to slowly liquify.