Finca Los Angeles Coffee Blossom Honey by Ana Maria Ortega – 12oz. jar


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Coffee Blossom Honey | Ana Ortega | Los Angeles
San Pedro Necta, Huehuetanango, Guatemala

Ana Maria Ortega grew up with bees.  The apiary was close to the house, and she recalls consuming the sticky rich honeycomb as much as inhaling the intoxicating fragrance of coffee blossoms.  Her father lovingly kept the apiary.

But when Ana Maria was just seventeen, her parents died tragically.  The farm was hers, and she poured her grief into running Finca Los Angeles, waking up before dawn to pick and process cherries, raking in her parchment after dark.  But the bees floundered.  The hives nearly died out as Ana Maria had no idea how to care for them.  Through years of hard lessons and support from neighbors, she learned how to successfully partner with both coffee plants and bees.  Now, Ana Maria highlights these challenges as catalysts for her growth into the leader she is today.  Aside from cultivating excellent coffee at Los Angeles and Piedra Partida, Ana Maria Ortega is proud to share her delicious honey.

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Crystalization: Three things make honey more likely to crystallize:

Temperature below 50ºF (10ºC) | The ratio of glucose and fructose in the honey | Pollen content

To turn your Coffee Blossom Honey back into a smooth liquid put your honey in a vessel of warm water and allow it to slowly liquify.