Kalle Sampler

$50.00 | (3) 12 oz. bags

Our Kalle Sampler features three coffees from the Kalledevarapura Estate in the Western Ghat mountains of India; one 12oz. bag of Kalle 9, one 12oz. bag of Kalle Honey and one 12oz. bag of Kalle Peaberry.

We have had the distinct pleasure of working with the Shankar family in Karnataka, India for many years. During this time, D.M. Shankar who stewards this shade grown mecca, has experimented with a variety of processing methods to bring out different characteristics in his Selection 795 (S-795) Coffea arabica variety. The meticulous hand sorting of the largest peaberry seeds into his Peaberry and the preparation of his Honey process are two processing methods that he has honed to perfection. This year’s micro-lots are extraordinary. We hope you will relish these captivatingly smooth, spicy and sometimes surprising coffees.