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Berkshire Training Center

Our Berkshire Training Center is located inside of our Roastery & Headquarters at 165 Quarry Hill Road in Lee, MA, 1.5 miles off of Exit 2 on the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90). 

We designed our Berkshire Training Center specifically for the purpose of educating our professional coffee partners in a state of the art cafe environment. We encourage you to setup a class for you and your staff and look forward to having you join us soon!

Current Class Offerings:

Cupping With Roasters – Gain a deeper relationship with the coffee you drink by learning professional tasting methods and how to evaluate cup quality.

From Farm To Cup – Addressing the history of coffee, phylogeny, territory, processing, roasting, and organoleptic profiling.

Barista Essentials – Addressing water conditioning, espresso machine and grinder operation and breakdown, shot preparation, milk texturing, equipment cleaning and maintenance.

To schedule, please email Erin Miller, Wholesale Director.

Attention Coffee Aficionados!
Do you love coffee? Would you like to learn more about where your coffee comes from and how it is roasted? Are you curious about our methods for tasting and how we evaluate cup quality? Check out our Cupping Classes which are open to the general public!