Made In The Shade

Indian Coffee: Made In The Shade by Barth Anderson They grow coffee in India? Ever since my first sip of Indian coffee I have been deeply fond of its incredibly smooth, comforting character and refined sense of balance. After years of working with these beautiful coffees and the people who grow them, I have come […]

Monsooned Malabar

Monsooned Malabar coffee is a Geographical Identification Certified Product (GI Certified) that is unique to the South-West shore of India called the Malabar Coast. Monsooning is a processing method in which green coffee is exposed to the high humidity conditions present during the monsoon season. Throughout this process, the coffee undergoes complex changes and new […]

The Barrington Coffee Origin Certified™ Program

-No Pesticides -No Herbicides -No Synthetic Fertilizers Each of our Barrington Coffee Origin CertifiedTM coffees arrives at our Roastery after having been certified at origin by a formally recognized third party certifier as having been produced without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. In addition to having been certified at origin by a […]

Coffee Sourcing

Barth Anderson, green coffee buyer for BCRC at the Doka Estate, a fourth generation family farm in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. How do we source the coffees that we roast? With great care. Each year, Barth procures green coffee samples from the best coffee producers from around the globe. The coffees he identifies […]

Fresh Coffee

We want your coffee to arrive at optimal freshness. To make that happen, we fire up our roasters Monday through Thursday of each week. Any order received before 9am will be roasted and shipped out that very same day.

Landed Aging Program™

-Controlling relative humidity during green coffee storage to enhance body and soften acidity for espresso preparation. There are a multitude of compounds that exist in a coffee bean. They can either make, or break a coffee’s cup quality. We know that we can protect these compounds in green coffees through barrier protection and careful storage […]

Green Seal Program™

-Hermetically sealing green coffee to preserve freshness and vibrancy in the cup. Is there an ideal way to handle the best green coffees in the world? Yes, very carefully. Coffee beans are seeds from the fruit of the coffee tree. At Barrington Coffee, we care for and roast coffee seeds. We explore and identify the […]

Water Process Decaffeination

We believe that decaffeinated coffee drinkers drink coffee for one reason, TASTE. Decaf drinkers want to experience the wonderful aromas and flavors of a coffee without experiencing the effects of caffeine. The process of decaffeination should in no way detract from the experience of the coffee quality. To this end, the decaffeination process for our […]

The Ceres Project™

Ceres was the Roman goddess of agricultural cultivation and preparation. Our Ceres Project™ is devoted to breaking new ground in the realm of blending super premium coffees to create a signature experience. The coffees we employ are born of daring coffee farming projects and obsessive coffee preparation. With these ingredients we shape new tastes. 2013 is […]

Latte Art

Take a look at some “in progress” latte art pours.