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Green Seal Program™

-Hermetically sealing green coffee to preserve freshness and vibrancy in the cup.

Is there an ideal way to handle the best green coffees in the world? Yes, very carefully.

Coffee beans are seeds from the fruit of the coffee tree. At Barrington Coffee, we care for and roast coffee seeds. We explore and identify the ones we enjoy the most, we preserve them, and we prepare them to order in our artisanal drum coffee roasters five days a week, each week of the year.

The coffee farms we work with typically have but one harvest per year. This can present particular challenges regarding seasonal supply and storage. After years of careful testing we have devised methods to preserve these amazing coffees so that we may offer them to you at their peak throughout the harvest season.

A washed coffee with a particularly lively acidity or a very delicate flavor profile will typically fare best by being sealed against the elements shortly after repose. In some cases we hermetically seal these coffees at the farm even before the coffee ships to our Roastery. In other instances, we may feel that once it has landed, the coffee will benefit by settling down further before being sealed. Pulped natural and natural processed coffees, for example, often benefit from further repose before sealing.

We make each of these decisions based upon our critical periodic analysis of how each coffee tastes. We decide when a coffee is at its best, and then we hold the coffee at that spot by protecting the green beans inside environmentally minded, reusable packaging. This is our Barrington Coffee Green Seal Program™.

Seasonality regarding coffee beans is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. The idiosyncrasies of provenance and process specific green coffee preservation are a major part of the equation.

We know that our conscientious efforts absolutely preserve moisture content, freshness, and peak character profile for even the most critical of brewing methods throughout a harvest year. We see this as the proper way to respect the carefully produced coffees that we are so fortunate to represent. Deciding how we will apply the Green Seal Program™ to a particular coffee is a challenge we really enjoy. We certainly hope you enjoy our results.