$17.45 | 12 oz. bag available on subscription

Origin- Asia, Americas
Producer- Cooperatively Produced Coffees
Altitude- 3937-5400’
Variety- Sidikalang, Bourbon, Typica, Others
Process- Wet Hulled, Washed
Roast- Medium
Origin Certified- No Pesticides, No Herbicides, No Synthetic Fertilizers. 

Bold and luxurious, this coffee combines the dense body that is found in the finest Indonesian coffees with the up front liveliness of coffees from the Americas. It yields a uniquely complex cup with hints of stone fruit and a sweet, chocolaty smooth finish.

The roast forward and heavy bodied components in our Berkshire make it an incredibly versatile coffee with a broad range of appeal. It performs well with drip brewing methods from V60 to Chemex, it is great as a Bodum press and it shows spectacularly when batch brewed or brewed through an urn when brewing for larger parties or events.

The Berkshire is a proprietary blend and is a part of our Barrington Coffee Origin CertifiedTM Program. Though we are protective about fully disclosing the components of this blend, there are a couple of additional things we would like to share with you. Elements in the blend have been certified at origin by Control Union Certifications B.V. as having been produced without the use of pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. In addition, components in the Berkshire have been certified Fair Trade at Origin by Fairtrade International (FLO).