Dark Roast

Our dark roasts are all about preserving coffee origin, process, nuance and integrity while developing the deep dark realms of caramelization and browning reactions.

Our classic French and Italian roast styles feature roast forward flavors complimented by a remarkably smooth finish. The French Costa Rica Doka Estate emulates a rich, chocolaty Parisian style in a single origin dark roast from the Vargas Family farm in Alajuela, Costa Rica. The Italian is a proprietary blend we created back in 1993 designed to emulate a powerful, bitter-sweet southern Italian tradition with coffee origins that were historically the first to enter into Europe through the spice trade.

The Commonwealth is a heavy body blend featuring the Sinay-Neves Family farm in Bahia, Brazil and offers up spiced hot chocolate flavor. The Gato Negro is a super smooth, milk chocolaty Origin Certified™ single origin from the Cooperativa Agraria Frontera San Ignacio (COOPAFSI) in Cajamarca, Peru. The Ceremony is our newest single origin dark roast and our darkest offering of the group featuring all the punch, zing and complexity that a traditional Ethiopian heirloom coffee can offer.

If smooth, dark roast flavors are what you look for in your cup but you prefer to do without the caffeine, then try our Origin Certified™ Water Process Decaffeinated French from the COMSA Cooperative in Marcala, Honduras.

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