Galaxy Gesha

$38.45 | 12 oz. bag

Origin- Colombia
Region- Quindío
Locality- Circasia
Producer- Edwin Noreña
Farm- Finca Campo Hermoso
Altitude- 5249’
Variety- Gesha
Process- Double Carbonic, Galaxy Hops and Coffee Cherry Mosto Cotto Fermented Honey Process & Sun Dried on Raised Beds
Roast- Light

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Our Galaxy Gesha received a 95 Point Score from Coffee Review in March of 2023!

The Galaxy Gesha is also featured in this very informative article on Anaerobic-Processed Coffees.

Sweet, spicy floral aroma with a vast range of flavors including ginger, allspice, guava, coriander, tangerine zest, rosemary, hops, lavender, apple, sweet chili pepper, cannabis, carob, Nutella, eucalyptus, spruce, caramel and bubble gum. Like a ginger apple turnover with a long, lavish finish.

Every once in a while we get to taste a coffee that graciously pulls out the stops on a elaborate array of aromas and flavors. The Galaxy Gesha is one such experience that we will not soon forget.

When it comes to innovative coffee processing, third generation coffee farmer Edwin Noreña is as skillful as he is ambitious. As a quality driven grower, Edwin has jumped wholeheartedly into Gesha cultivation. As an innovative processor, he has pushed the envelop of what can be possible in a coffee cup through pairing a complex processing method with the revered Gesha coffee cultivar while still preserving its integrity.

His processing of the Galaxy Gesha starts with carefully picked Gesha coffee. After an initial water immersion to float any underripe cherry, he then puts the whole cherry into large sealed drums for an initial 72 hour carbonic fermentation. The seeds are then removed from the drum and pulped. The sweet, raw coffee must (“mosto cotto”) from the initial fermentation is then infused with Galaxy Hops and combined with the pulped seeds from the first fermentation and is returned to the carbonic fermentation drums for another 96 hours. This heavily fermented honey processed Gesha is then sun dried on raised beds for twenty-two days, followed by an eight day period of repose.

Where does Edwin find inspiration for such grandeur? We suspect his educational background in biotechnology and agroindustrial engineering provide some of the fuel for his unstoppable creativity. Extravagant and opulent though they be, Edwin’s results are guided by his core reverence of coffee variety. That said, put your seatbelt on for this one.

After repose, this coffee is sealed in Grain-Pro barrier packaging at origin and then sent on its way to our Roastery where we preserve the green coffee under hermetic seal until it is roasted as part of our Barrington Green Seal Program© .

NOTE: This coffee will be roasted and shipped only on Wednesday of each week. once