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Made In The Shade

Indian Coffee: Made In The Shade by Barth Anderson They grow coffee in India? Ever since my first sip of Indian coffee I have been

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Monsooned Malabar

Monsooned Malabar coffee is a Geographical Identification Certified Product (GI Certified) that is unique to the South-West shore of India called the Malabar Coast. Monsooning

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We’re Compostable!

After literally decades of searching, we are super excited to introduce our new 100% compostable retail bags. These bags have a soft organic feel and

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Coffee Sourcing

Barth Anderson, green coffee buyer for BCRC at the Doka Estate, a fourth generation family farm in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. How do

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Fresh Coffee

We want your coffee to arrive at optimal freshness. To make that happen, we fire up our roasters Monday through Thursday of each week. Any

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