Coffee Sourcing
Barth Anderson, green coffee buyer for BCRC at the Doka Estate, a fourth generation family farm in the Central Valley of Costa Rica.

How do we source the coffees that we roast? With great care.

Each year, Barth procures green coffee samples from the best coffee producers from around the globe. The coffees he identifies hail from small family farms, cutting edge private farms and coffee growing cooperatives. Barth’s sensitivity to cross cultural integration and his ability to communicate in other languages are an enormous asset to our search for great coffee. A relationship that spans over two decades with the Vargas family’s coffee farm in Costa Rica is testament to the depth of such relationships.

It is the biologically complex farms that yield complex cups of coffee. These coffees are grown by individuals who put their energy into the stewardship of their farms and the quality of their produce. We view the farms, families, and cooperatives that we work with as strategic partners. Our relationships grow with each year’s harvest, and in many cases our relationships span generations. Extensive information about each of the farms we work with is available from us in the form of BCRC Coffee Cards, as well as online at

Gregg and Barth have been actively exploring different coffee flavor profiles since they became involved with specialty coffee in the 1980’s. At the Roastery in the Berkshires, the BCRC staff pool their collective senses to evaluate each coffee in the controlled environment of their tasting room. Our tasting room is one of the finest coffee analysis environments in the industry. Water quality, air quality, and equipment calibration are carefully maintained for consistency. Our critique of a coffee involves moisture analysis, sample roasting, the cupping process, serving temperature profiling, and numerous methods of brewing and extraction.