$16.95 | 12 oz. bag available on subscription

Origin- Americas
Producer- Cafe Conquista & Special Guest
Altitude- 2700 – 4921’
Variety- Red Catuaí, Yellow Catuaí, Pink Bourbon
Process- Pulped Natural, Sun Dried
Roast- Dark

Sweet, powerful, roasted nut, spiced hot chocolate. A supremely versatile dark roast that is great in every brewing method including espresso preparation.

The primary component in the Commonwealth is the super chocolaty Cafe Conquista grown by the Sinay-Neves family in Bahia, Brazil. We have worked directly with the Sinay-Neves family since 2000. 

In addition to our long-established direct trade relationship with Cafe Conquista, each year we make a financial contribution to the non-profit organization Generative Partners®. Generative Partners® works within farming communities in Encruzilhada and Vitória da Conquista in Bahia, Brazil to implement projects in education, health, sustainability, water, sanitation and hygiene (W.A.S.H.).

Generative Partners® was founded by Stephanie Palm Neves in 2003. Our initial contributions helped to foster the construction and operation of the Centro Rural Educate, an early education center in Encruzilhada, Bahia. Now that the local government has built more schools, our contributions are directed to the specific programs that Generative Partners® identifies as critical to the health and well-being of the individuals within these communities. Children, equity, and the environment remain core tenets of their mission. You can learn more about each of the projects they are currently undertaking here.

Your purchase of this coffee directly supports the farming families we work with in Brazil and the farm direct relationships that we feature as our Guest Micro-lot component in the Commonwealth.

If you are one who enjoys an outspoken cup of coffee, we trust that the Commonwealth will be your go to.

The Commonwealth is also available alongside the Gato Negro and the Ceremony as part of our Dark Roast Sampler.