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Origin- Sumatra, Indonesia
Region- Central Aceh Province (Sumatra)
Locality- Gayo Highlands
Producer- Koperasi Pedgang Kopi (KOPEPI) Ketiara
Altitude- 4265 – 5249′
Variety- Bourbon, Typica, Adsenia, Catimor & Caturra
Process- Wet-hulled, patio sun dried and solar drier finished
Roast- Light
Origin Certified- No pesticides, no herbicides, no synthetic fertilizers. Shade Grown.

Syrupy body and low acidity with surprising mace and grape qualities, as well as pronounced cedar, chocolate and rich, earthy flavors.

This coffee is grown by the 1,979 members of the cooperative Koperasi Pedgang Kopi (KOPEPI) Ketiara. Though Ketiara has its roots in the 90’s, the cooperative was founded in 2009 with 38 original members. Ketiara is the only women-lead coffee cooperative in Indonesia. The co-op Chair, Rahma, has been with the organization since it’s inception, carefully guiding its development.   

The current membership comprises over 1,677 hectares of arable land. A shade canopy and companion planting of staple food crops is found throughout the co-op, along with a broad diversity of wildlife including the endangered Sumatran tiger, elephant and orangutan.  If you’d like to learn more about the Ketiara Co-op, click here.

The Wet-hulled process was developed in Indonesia as a way to protect freshly picked coffee from the particularly humid Indonesian climate. The cherry is first fermented overnight and then stripped from the hull. After before being stripped, the parchment covered seeds are patio dried until they reach approximately 25% moisture content. They are then hulled and the still swollen seeds are solar dried to finish. During this process, the seeds are exposed to to a broad variety of temperatures and environmental exposure. This contributes to the unique Indonesian character.

The combination of old world varieties brings layers of complexity to the cup. And with its heavy body, this coffee is particularly versatile. Although we enjoy it served black, even at our unique light roast treatment it is a great choice for those who drink their coffee with milk or cream.

We are also offering the Ketiara in our Asia Tasing Pair as well as in our Three Region Sampler.

This coffee is a part of our Origin Certified(TM) Program. The Ketiara has been certified at origin by Control Union Certifications B.V.  as having been produced without the use of pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. The Ketiara has also been certified Fair Trade at Origin by Fairtrade International (FLO).