Landed Aging Program™

Berk Food Journal

-Controlling relative humidity during green coffee storage to enhance body and soften acidity for espresso preparation.

There are a multitude of compounds that exist in a coffee bean. They can either make, or break a coffee’s cup quality.

We know that we can protect these compounds in green coffees through barrier protection and careful storage as we do with our Green Seal Program™. Deciding how to hold on to these qualities and how long each coffee’s season will sustain are some of the critical roles we perform as coffee roasters.

However, humankind has also known for millennia that aging and conditioning different kinds of food and drink can reveal amazing aromas and flavors. Over the years, we have found that we can actually improve the character of some of the coffees we prepare for espresso by tempering, or otherwise controlling, the storage environment and time period that these coffees inhabit before roasting. We use a variety of aging methods to open up an espresso profile, soften its acidity, and bring to light captivating and otherwise inaccessible flavors that can exist within particular coffee varieties. We call this process our Landed Aging Program™ for espresso coffees.

These coffees also have a season, it is just a different one than would be described by a traditional notion of seasonality. Typically seasonality is considered in the context of holding on to something that is fleeting. Landed aging is about developing and transforming something that is hidden within a coffee bean.

We have been actively exploring this potential in espresso coffee since the mid 1990’s when we created our Barrington Gold Espresso Blend™. You will also find it noted among some of the Single Origin Espresso coffees that we periodically have available as Limited Offerings.

Just as we transform green coffee to roasted coffee, we employ landed aging to impart our style to some of the very special espresso coffees that we offer. You won’t find them anywhere but here. We certainly hope that you enjoy our results.