21st Century Coffee: A Guide


For over 40 years Kenneth Davids has recorded and influenced the world of specialty coffee with three books (more than 250,000 copies sold in multiple editions) and hundreds of articles, talks and presentations.

With his latest book, 21st Century Coffee: A Guide, Davids brings the specialty coffee story up to date. Davids’ accessible writing voice and many years of coffee experience contribute to a detailed, thoroughly illustrated introduction to virtually everything about coffee, particularly to the game-changing new developments that have taken place over the past two decades. There is no other book available on coffee as comprehensive or as up-to-date as Davids’ latest book.

These are developments Davids has witnessed (and often impacted) week by week and cup by cup as co-founder and editor of CoffeeReview.com. His new book carries the reader deep into the dynamic developments that are shaping specialty coffee today, from coffee farmer to coffee roaster to kitchen to your cup.

21st Century Coffee: A Guide includes 290 large-format pages, 190 photographs, and over 50 maps and infographics.

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