We received a 92 point score for this coffee in March of 2018 from Coffee Review!

Blind Assessment:

Crisp, richly and sweetly tart. Candied apple, magnolia, cashew butter, sassafras, pomegranate in aroma and cup. Sweet-tart in structure with juicy acidity; velvety-smooth mouthfeel. The richly drying, subtle finish centers around notes of nut butter and sweet florals.


This coffee is available exclusively as a part of the Barrington Coffee Curated Collection, four ounces each of three distinguished coffees for $29.95. This selection is produced by Francisca and Oscar Chacon at Las Lajas farm from trees of the Caturra, Catuai and Villa Sarchi varieties of Arabica and processed by the red honey method. With all honey processing methods, some sweet pulp or fruit flesh (“honey”) is allowed to adhere to the beans during drying. In the red honey variation, all or almost all of the pulp is allowed to dry on the beans, rather than only a portion of it, as would be the case with yellow honey. Barrington Coffee is an artisan roaster dedicated to elite coffees, fresh delivery and roasting that foregrounds the coffee and not the roast. Visit www.barringtoncoffee.com or call 800-528-0998 for more information.

The Bottom Line: A honey-processed Costa Rica cup expressing equal parts sweet and tart: think candied apple and pomegranate wrapped in rich, creamy cashew butter.