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We received a 95 point review from Coffee Review for our Supernatural!

We received a 95 point score for our Supernatural from Coffee Review in June of 2022!

Blind Assessment: Evaluated as espresso. Complex, richly tart, sweetly herbaceous. Watermelon candy, sassafras, star jasmine, dark chocolate, hint of eucalyptus in aroma and small cup. Viscous, syrupy mouthfeel; crisp, sweetly herbal finish. In cappuccino format, balanced, bright, deep, juicy and chocolaty.

Notes: Produced by smallholding farmers around Durato Bombe Farm under the direction of Asefa and Mulugeta Dukamo largely from local landrace varieties of Arabica, and processed by the natural method (dried in the whole fruit). Barrington Coffee is an artisan roaster dedicated to elite coffees, fresh delivery and roasting that foregrounds the coffee and not the roast. Visit or call 800-528-0998 for more information.

The Bottom Line: This is a vertical coffee, from a launchpad of dark chocolate notes straight up through candy-like fruit and heady florals — call it a contemplative’s desert-island espresso.