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We’re a nation of coffee drinkers, and lucky for us java junkies, there’s no shortage of great spots to get our caffeine fix. Check out some of the finest coffee shops in the country below and don’t forget to peruse the results from our annual coffee survey, which takes a look at how much we drink and pay — plus what people really think about that fancy latte art.

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Barrington Coffee Roasting in Boston

After two decades as a Berkshires-based micro-roaster, this company first expanded into cafe settings in Boston’s Fort Point, serving drip- and flash-brewed joe alongside artisanal teas and locally sourced pastries. A cool vibe meets coffee science at the newer Back Bay location, opened this winter, where a state-of-the-art machine brews pour-over-style drinks to precision with four futuristic glass cylinders.

Must-Order: Barrington frequently unveils new espressos with unique flavor profiles. Its latest: the 413, which boasts varietals created through the roaster’s long-term farm projects in India, Brazil and Colombia. You’ll find notes of malt, maraschino cherry and molasses.

On the Menu: Keep an eye out for tasty scones in varieties like bacon and Gruyère.

303 Newbury St.; 857-250-2780

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