We are excited to tell you all about a new project we are a part of! We have teamed up with a dear friend of ours, and actually one of our first Master Roasters to bring you a ready-to-drink nitro cold brew in a can! It’s called Quivr.

Quivr is nitrogen-infused cold brew made with our very own fresh roasted Barrington Coffee. Now that the secret’s out, and because you are a friend and fellow coffee enthusiast, we want you to try some! We love having it in our fridge and it also makes a great.

We are giving you 10% off of your first online purchase of Quivr cold brew coffee. Just enter the code BARRINGTON at checkout, and let us know what you think!

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Why Quivr?

Quivr coffee is carefully sourced and roasted in small batches by Barrington Coffee Roasting Company. It is then cold-brewed under exacting conditions for 20+ hours. The result is a classic cold brew coffee that tastes great and supports valuable social and environmental work of our coffee farm partners. Lastly, we infuse the cans with nitrogen so that, when shaken and turned upside down to pour, you get a creamy cascade just like a nitro cold brew served on draft.

Learn more about our story here!
PS. We also make one of the only decaf cold brews on the market and it tastes unreal!

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