Origin– Ethiopia
Region– Yirgacheffe
Mill Location– Addis Ababa
Altitude– 5741 to 6562′
Producer– Ninety Plus Coffee
Varietal– Mixed heirloom varietals
Process– Natural, sun dried on raised beds
Roast– Light

Black cherry aroma, juicy acidity rolls into elderberry, herbal tones of shiso, umame and rich dark chocolate liquor.

This is the outspoken sister coffee of the Nekisse. Where the Nekisse is delicate, the Hachira is saturated. And this year, the Hachira has drawn the attention of the judges for the Good Food Awards as a Finalist for 2014! Once again, such an auspicious coffee as this has been brought to light by the Ninety Plus Coffee program.

We received a Good Food Award in 2011 for our Nekisse. Our Ethiopia Hachira which will be available shortly so visit our store and keep your eye out for it.