We received a 93 point score for this coffee in November of 2015 from Coffee Review!

Blind Assessment:

Delicate, floral, intricate. Rose, Brazil nut, sweetly pungent frankincense and liquorice bark in aroma and cup. Soft, richly composed acidity; velvety, plump mouthfeel. Crisply drying, nutty, long finish.


Produced from trees of the rare Ethiopia-derived botanical variety Gesha (also spelled Geisha). With its elegantly elongated beans and distinctive floral and crisp, often chocolaty cup, the Gesha variety continues to distinguish itself as one of the world’s most unique coffees. Processed by the pulped natural or “honey” method, in which the skin is removed from the coffee fruit immediately after picking, but the seeds or beans are dried with all or part of the sweet pulp, or fruit flesh, still adhering to them. This particular Gesha is produced on the Ninety Plus Gesha Estates. Barrington Coffee is an artisan roaster dedicated to elite coffees, fresh delivery and roasting that foregrounds the coffee and not the roast. Visit or call 800-528-0998 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Those who are intrigued by a delicately intense floral and nutty cup with fine structure and intricate aromatics.

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